Good Night Stations – the next BIG trend in 2013

Good night stations are a new and trendy way to give that extra luxury feel to the end of your perfect day. After a wonderful day and night of celebrations, bid your guests farewell in style. What nicer way to say goodbye than to let them choose their very own luxury ‘goody bag’ from the ‘station’ filled with your Wedding themed inspired snacks and beverages…
The station can be changeable through the seasons with Spring/Summer weddings opting for refreshing snacks and beverages such as Ice Cream, Strawberries & Cream, Iced or cold beverages. Autumn/Winter weddings could offer a warm selection such as Hot Chocolate, Mulled Wine with snacks like warm apple & mince pies.
The station can be themed to match the style of your wedding. For example Vintage themed Weddings could choose a high tea selection with a variation of teas on fine china incorporating your colour scheme.
I’m sure this trend is will be huge in 2013 and beyond.

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